Sakti Elixir at Fivelements Habitat

Epicurean cuisine inspired by nature

Plant-based cuisine for health, beauty and longevity

A pioneer in innovative plant-based cuisine, Fivelements introduces a new concept in Hong Kong. Hailing from Bali's award-winning Sakti Dining Room, Fivelements Sakti Elixir features an gastronomical concept aimed at enhancing daily vitality and rejuvenation.
Our specialty menu features seasonal alchemic beverages, including invigorating juices and nut milk blends, elixirs, tonics and "secret potions" inspired by our award-winning retreat in Bali. Our signature organic-harvested teas and herbal infusions overflow with loving care in each cup. We accompany these elixirs with handcrafted "live" cacao confects and truffles, seasonal cakes, nibbles and savoury treats, as well as nourishing menus prepared with attention to detail by our family of dedicated chefs.
Our menus are designed to nourish, rejuvenate and heal while providing optimal plant-powered nutrition. We source whole and organic ingredients that are in the height of the season in support of local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products.
We invite you to our Fivelements Sakti Elixir for an innovative culinary experience aimed to nurture body, mind and soul.
Sakti Elixir
A pioneer in innovative plant-based cuisine, Fivelements award-winning Sakti Dining Room™ comes to Hong Kong. Our menu has been curated to provide high energy, optimal nutrition whilst inspiring a gastronomical journey abundant in fresh, innovative cuisine aimed to nurture body, mind and soul.
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