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Anne Cousin

Anne has studied multiple body-based disciplines since 2004 and has practiced in Hong Kong since 2010. As a European Shiatsu Practitioner, registered Somatic Movement Educator, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Tension Release Exercise® Facilitator, she is an expert in the Mind-Body connection. She is passionate about helping individuals feel at home in their body; moving from chronic stresses and discomforts to feeling Body-full: present and energetic.
Classes & private trainings
TRE — Tension Release
TRE® is a simple, highly effective way to release stress and muscle tension (physical or emotional), as well as unwinding the knots in your muscles and fascia, the body's connective tissue. As a result you increase your resilience as well as your sensation of peace and wellbeing.

A series of gentle exercises will help achieve a natural relaxation reflex called the neurogenic tremor. When this inbuilt relaxation response has been activated, your system's natural intelligence starts a process of restoring balance and relaxation to the body. The tremors resolve problems that can't be reached using massage alone. It is ideal for intense training recovery and preparation.

TRE® is a safe and effective stress release technique for most people. However, individuals who have physical or psychological conditions that require strict regulation, individuals with fragile psychological defences, a complex history of trauma or restricting physical or medical limitations should consult their medical practitioner or a Certified TRE Provider prior to performing these exercises. TRE® is contra-indicated during pregnancy or abdominal surgery within the past 3 months.

Do-In Taoist Movement
Do-In Taoist exercises and self-massage for health.
Do-In combines gentle and effective stretching and movements, with meditative and breathing techniques as well as self-massage. Stemming from Taoism and Chinese Medicine, these unique exercises activate and balance the circulation of life force through the body's energetic pathways, the meridians. Beneficial for athletes and also suitable for the less active, participants will notice improved flexibility, joint condition, blood circulation, body balance and body-mind connection. Do-in improves one's energy level, mental focus and clarity.

Do-In Taoist Movement for Women
This session for women supports the "yin" or feminine aspects of the body (such as the womb and woman's organs) through breath, awareness and movement, greatly increasing overall flexibility and ease. We will learn how to energetically activate acupuncture points and meridians related to women's health issues. We'll explore how our legs and connection to the ground allows us to find strength in connecting to our core femininity.

Vibrational Healing — Tibetan Singing Bowls with Anne
In this session, Tibetan singing bowls are placed next to or on different parts of the body while being chimed. As sound waves travel through the body, these harmonic vibrations engage the relaxation-response, resulting in restorative brain frequencies, slow breathing and heart rate, and lower blood pressure, creating a deep sense of wellbeing and promoting healing. Results can vary from profound relaxation, to relief from physical and/or emotional pain. After sessions, clients often experience improved memory, clarity, intuition, vitality and the ability to take action. Many report a deep sense of tranquility, sleep more soundly and feel the effects of the treatment for several days.

Somatic Therapy
Enhancing the nervous system's ability to regulate and restore itself, Somatic Experiencing allows a person to regain a normal level of functioning after periods of excessive stress or trauma. Tapping into the body's wisdom, Anne gently and safely guides individuals into heightened awareness of physical sensations and emotions. A space of safety and comfort combined with deep listening allows the integration of experience and resolution. In this newfound wholeness, sense more clearly and move with greater ease and confidence.

Shiatsu & Seiki
This session combines Japanese meditative forms of bodywork based on ancient Taoist Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Shiatsu is a nurturing bodywork form using breath, gentle touch, and subtle manipulations to balance the nervous system. The treatment improves circulation of blood and lymph, boosts immune, respiratory, digestive functions as well as releasing physical and emotional tension. Seiki (Japanese "clear blue sky, open place") stems from Shiatsu and offers a lighter touch, yet deeply energetic. Seiki incorporates Katsugenspontaneous movement and offers a space to experience and enjoy life as an embodied human being "breathing again", as your body returns to balance. Working with Shiatsu & Seiki, Anne has successfully helped people with fertility, exhaustion, insomnia, chronic pain, and more.