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Joe Lok

Master Joe Lok sharing comes from an in-depth knowledge of Taoist healing art and a life-long practice of qigong from authentic Wudang lineage. As founder of the Phoenix Qigong, Master Lok has students and followers worldwide. His Phoenix Qigong is often used to treat arthritis, sciatica, troubles associated with the weakening of internal organs, as well treating conditions like dementia, MS, and illnesses which are not otherwise easy to cure. His teaching method of this unique qigong style is effective and insightful, including the rationale behind the qigong motions, and imbued with a rare sensitivity of chi flow.
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Phoenix Qi Gong
Learn the art of Qigong from Master Lok for vibrant health and wellbeing.
Dao Yin 導引 (Qigong) is a Taoist healing art dating back thousands of years to as early as the Han Dynasty of China. Graceful yet simple movements combine with breath to direct life energy through the body to enhance internal balance. Master Lok's skilful guidance emphasises precision of movement in order to sense and guide the chi flow though the body and to the organs. Proper chi flow is considered responsible for proper circulation, improving immunity and speeding healing. As Master Lok says, "Prevention of illness is better than treatment. Natural healing through Qigong is better than any medication. The practice of qigong ensures health and fitness for a life time."