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Madi Chu

Madi is a British born Eurasian from the southern navy town Portsmouth. She is a professional sports rehabilitation coach with a clinical background in sports performance. Outside of work, she is a passionate contemporary dancer, hockey player and foodie!

Having suffered extensive injuries during her early dance career, Madi has a driving passion to educate and inspire injury prevention through a body awareness approach.

Using the technical mechanics of animal flow, FRC (functional range conditioning) and vinyasa yoga, Madi offer's educational body conditioning flows to prevent pain and improve range of motion.
Expect a high energy and caring approach for the love of movement!

Classes & private trainings
Primal Flow
Unleash your inner animal! Primal flow is a playful ground based movement concept that mimics animal patterns. It allows the body to move freely in its natural form, building immense strength, flexibility and proprioception of body awareness. We crawl, jump, rotate, push, flip, slide and glide in open space to create balance in the body, test the mind and challenge your movement confidence.