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Shin Ng

Shin grew up training in Taekwondo since the age of five, and graduated from university with a major in Physical Education, where he was a key player in the football team. Driven by his passion to bring wellness to the community, Shin became a certified TRX instructor, kickboxing coach, as well as a RYT-200 yoga teacher in 2017.

The idea of "to unite" in yoga inspired him not to separate his training into different disciplines, instead what people need now is the awareness and ability to move, the connection between the mind and body. Which is why he is so amazed and got addicted to Animal Flow and became a certified instructor in 2018.

"All is one, One is all", just go with the flow and move.
Classes & private trainings
Animal Flow
Unleash your inner animal! Primal flow is a playful ground based movement concept that mimics animal patterns. It allows the body to move freely in its natural form, building immense strength, flexibility and proprioception of body awareness. We crawl, jump, rotate, push, flip, slide and glide in open space to create balance in the body, test the mind and challenge your movement confidence.