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Aakash (Sky) Arya

Born and raised in the city of Porbandar, Gujarat, in Western India, Sky started practising yoga and karate at the age of 7 and was awarded black belt in karate and gold medal in yoga at 19 and 21, respectively. With an early immersion in yoga & karate, he was handpicked by a Guru to help advance his yoga and karate school in 1999. This unusual opportunity helped kick-started Sky's journey in teaching yoga at just 15.

Classes are known for being enabling and results-oriented, helping students achieve flexibility, strength, balance, stamina, and alignment goals with speedy results, while still rendering classes that are fun, creatively sequenced, and edge-pushing challenging.

Having taught yoga for over 20 years, Sky has acquired a teaching style that is both concise and en pointe, continuing a heritage of teaching traditional yoga with a strong flavour of body conditioning. This
multi-disciplinary approach, where a plethora of diverse elements are culled from his exposure to martial arts, Indian classical exercises, Pilates, and yoga, are adopted and applied consistently to help students
improve body conditioning and achieve training goals.
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