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Stephanie Yu

From her first BarreAmped session in 2016, Steph felt an instant "click" that was needed to balance her affinity towards movement and desire to tone. She began practicing daily – and with each day became excited for the next session of Barre. After every class she felt joyful and inspired by the physical and emotional challenges it brought her. To top it off, she came out with nicer looking arms, better posture and what her friends like to call "buns of steel"! Stephanie's dedication led her to become a certified BarreAmped teacher to share her passion for Barre and its benefits.
Classes & private trainings
Barre Mixed
This is the best class to develop your barre technique while building strength, stability and stamina. Think ballet-infused, strength and cardio training in a studio setting with the best playlists & barre crew to help get you through the jelly-leg inducing muscle-burn. It's fun, and the class flows quickly, giving you a full body workout in less than an hour. It's safe and sustainable - hard on your muscles, but easy on the joints. This is a great class for all, from beginners to advanced.

Barre Bootcamp
This mixed levels class combines strength training with cardio intervals that send the body right into fat burning zone. This program relies on high-intensity interval training or HIIT, which has been proven to burn fat faster than sustained endurance training, making it suitable for ALL fitness levels. Barre Bootcamp will shake up your workout! This class is the most fun & effective way to burn fat, lose weight and change your body.