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Sudevi Sundari

Sudevi has been a student of Yoga since 1992 with over 20 years of teaching experience. She draws her holistic approach from her in-depth studies of the yoga of Swami Satyananda, Yoga Hari, Kundalini and Transformational Yoga. With a passion for personal growth and healthy living, Sudevi shares a holistic approach to yoga for inner transformation. For her, the practice yoga means to connect to the Self, and ultimately the Divine, bringing us to the last limb of Yoga — Samadhi.
Classes & private trainings
Yoga Deep Flow
Focus on bringing unity and harmony though postures, breathing, and meditation. Group classes embrace students of all aspects, catering especially for beginners and intermediate, and will leave you feeling connected to all aspects of self.
Sessions are tailored to meet your needs to bring ease in the body, mental and emotional balance, and spiritual harmony.

5 Rhythms
All levels welcome, no dance experience necessary.
Moving meditation guided by music.
By exploring natural movement inspired by 5 distinct musical rhythms, we journey into the experience of body, mind, and heart and expand into greater awareness of ourselves and freedom of expression. Each rhythm calls forth another aspect of ourself. In flowing, we experience our natural ease and gracefulness. In staccato, we call forth our strength of will and direction. In chaos, we enjoy the freedom from structure. In lyrical, we rediscover playfulness. In stillness, we connect with our inherent peace and connectedness.

Kirtan is one of the oldest sacred yoga traditions of the world. Chanting simple mantras in a group setting that consists of ancient sounds. This simple meditative exercise reduces stress levels, increases circulation in the brain, promotes focus and clarity, and stimulates mind-body-spirit connection.