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Vivienne Tang

Vivienne Tang is the founder of Destination Deluxe, a leading wellness & travel online platform. Vivienne has been a pioneer in Hong Kong's holistic scene, introducing alternative therapies and practitioners through The Sanctuary, a healing centre which she co-owned, as well as The Source Asia, one of Hong Kong's first holistic websites, which she later rebranded into Destination Deluxe. She is a huge advocate of meditation and swears by its positive impact it can have if done on a regular basis. She is offering a monthly Healing Meditation that promotes self-connection and self-growth.
Classes & private trainings
Healing Meditation
This is a guided healing meditation to help you relax, reconnect with yourself and de-stress. All our connections start with the relationship we have with ourselves. Therefore, a regular self-connection practice is the fastest way to heal, improve our self-growth and lead a happier and healthier life. All levels of experience are welcome.