Signature Puerh Tea Set

Puerh teas (普洱茶). Puerh is the oldest and widest genre of tea and comes from the birthplace of tea, Yunnan, China.

Our Signature Puerh Tea set is a curated selection of 3 Puerh teas (普洱茶), each suitable for a beginner’s tea practice or as an addition to a refined tea collection.

July-August 2021 Set Price: 30g Cinnabar, 30g Forest Path, and 40g Temple Gate for HK$483 (20% Savings for Cardholders)

Call 3106 2112 or talk to the Wellness concierge for details

Cinnabar, 1990’s Maocha, Menghai Region, Yunnan, China

A maocha sheng puerh from old trees is a great everyday aged tea. It has a strong wood-fire quality with a soft pleasant astringency and layers of cinnamon, nutmeg and spices revealed in the later steepings. This tea is fuelled with the wisdom of the ages. It is very patient and yields a bright flavourful cup with strong yang Qi that moves from the core of the body unblocking, opening and enlivening towards transformation.

Forest Path, 1990’s, Sheng, Yiwu, China

An aged sheng from wild trees offers a deep and wise grounding energy that has complex layers of earthy freshness. A sense of cocoon encompassing comfort is felt, with the metamorphosis of change lingering on the horizon, revealing a clarity and assertion to walk one’s truthful path. A wonderful hui gan (returning flavor) is long-lingering and a potent Qi is filled with a strong and uplifting feeling, opening to the senses. Enjoy this tea for longer sessions during the late morning of afternoon.

Temple Gate, 2018, Shou, Jingmai, Yunnan, China

A skillfully produced everyday shou with a mixture of leaves from some old-growth trees. This warming tea brews with a smooth flavour and powerful grounding energy that unfurls into a deep meditative lightness as the temple gates open.

The song of the ancient forests hold deep medicine in these leaves and the old tea trees in Yunnan have been sponges for life, absorbing the vast spectrum of vibrant ecology around them for hundreds of years. From molds, vines, and other symbiotic life forms to the insects, birds and wildlife. The quality of puerh is vastly dependent on the environment it comes from, the trees and leaves are covered in hundreds of species of bacteria and mold before picking, all of which encourage a unique fermentation in the tea.

A percentage of proceeds support those who steward the land of these special trees, and who help bring us these leaves and the teachings that are shared in our Spirit Space.

May these teas open your heart, calm your mind and illuminate your spirit.