200 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Hatha & Flow Yoga Teacher Training Programme

Yoga Teacher Training


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Fivelements Habitat is pleased to begin a new Yoga Teacher Training course, where Aakash 'Sky' Arya will prepare qualified yoga teachers with unique teaching styles and pathways, as they embark on their professional journeys.

With 20 years experience, Sky will teach students yoga rooted in the Arya Samaj tradition, learning knowledge of yoga and the teaching of yoga in a truthful, practical, and applicable manner, enabling transformational personal growth physically, intellectually, and spiritually.


Lead & Certifying Trainer: Aakash (Sky) Arya (E-RYT 500)

Training Venue:  Fivelements Habitat, Hong Kong

Course Language: English

Price: HKD$32,000

Entry Requirement:  Minimum one-year of regular yoga practice and experience

Minimum attendance: 180 Hours to qualify for certification


Course Timetable

Course Gift

$500 Sakti Elixir Coupon & $1000 Wellness Sanctuary Coupon

Valid till 31 August 2021.

About Sky

Sky has taught extensively within India before coming to Hong Kong in 2009. Over the years, he has received accolades from private and corporate students. Sky has diagnosed, analysed, and identified problem areas and has methodically designed therapeutic moves and structured programmes to expedite their progress. He is adept at helping students achieve flexibility, strength, balance, stamina, and alignment goals with speedy results, while rendering classes that are fun, creatively-sequenced, and edge-pushing challenging.

Having taught yoga for over 20 years, Sky has acquired a teaching style that is both concise and en pointe. He has continued his heritage of teaching traditional yoga with a strong flavour of body conditioning. This multi-disciplinary style of teaching, where a plethora of diverse elements are culled from his exposure to martial arts, Indian classical exercises, Pilates, and yoga, has continued to set Sky apart in helping students improve body conditioning, resolve obstacles, and achieve training goals.

"Yoga is about acceptance of the present self while diligently working towards transcendence towards a higher self. Consistent and purposeful practice of yoga will bring us to this higher state of being." - Sky

About Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community, with over 7,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and more than 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) as of April 2020. They foster and support the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.

  • Celebrating and uplifting the many diverse yoga styles, traditions, and lineages;
  • Advocating for self-regulation in the yoga industry and universal access to high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga practices;
  • Upholding the worldwide growth of yoga through education and community;
Encouraging safe yoga instruction via quantitative standards and a member-wide Ethical Commitment, which includes an enhanced Code of Conduct, new Scope of Practice, and responsibility to equity in yoga;
  • Providing yoga schools and yoga teachers with effective business practices to help achieve success.

Terms and Conditions

For Teacher Training Attendees
Refund/ Cancellation
  • Full* refund will be given if cancellation is received in writing a minimum of 2-weeks in advance; on or before 7 April 2021.
  • 50%* refund will be given if cancellation is received in writing a minimum a of 7 days in advance; from 8 to 14 April 2021.
  • No refund will be given for cancellation in the request is less than 7 days in advance; starting on 15 April 2021.
  • *There will be a 10% processing fee imposed on any cancelation refund.
  • If Fivelements Habitat initiates the cancellation of the course, a full refund will be provided and no processing fee will be applied. Fivelements Habitat reserves the right to reschedule the dates of the training without prior notice. The refund eligibility will be re-calculated from the new class dates.

Sakti Elixir and Wellness Sanctuary Coupon
Sakti Elixir Coupon, HK$500, and Wellness Sanctuary Coupon, HK$1000, are valid for 4 months from the start of the training; validity ends 31st August 2021 

*Any discrepancies between the printed and web versions, the web version shall prevail.

Contact & Enquiries

If you are interested in applying for the Yoga Teacher Training Course, please click here to Register.

You can also send an email to wellnessts@fivelements.com or call 3106 2112 to enquire at our Wellness Concierge.