Breakfast Pre-Order Service


Start every day right with a nutritious meal prepared by Sakti Elixir

Our breakfast pre-ordering service offers dine-in choices and easy takeaway pick-up at the Sakti Elixir counter.

Dine-out orders will be offered in special compostable containers.

Breakfast Menu

Herbal Cashew “Cheese” on Toast
Pea Shoots and Crunchy Vegetables. 88/93
Allergy: Cashew nuts, Onion, Garlic.

Purple Dragon Fruit Bowl
Fresh Fruit and Almond Granola  88/93
Allergy: Almond, Walnuts, Cashew nuts

Earl Grey Chia Seed Porridge
Goji and White Mulberries  68/73
Allergy: None

Organic Whole Rice Congee
Our Farmers latest Green Harvest, 3 Condiments  68/73
Allergy: Spring onion, Sesame, Soy

Raw Almond Granola
Coconut Milk and Fresh Fruit  68/73
Allergy: Almond, Walnuts, Cashew

Cold Beverages

Green Smoothie
Banana, Pineapple, Spinach, Fresh Moringa, Honey, Lime, Water Kefir, Ginger*, Fresh Coriander, Thai Basil, Mint  88/93
Allergy: Honey

Nourishing Smoothie
Spirulina, Soy milk*, Blackstrap molasses*, Flaxseed oil*, Banana, Almond extract. 68/73
Allergy: Soy, Almond

Amasake, Ginger and Pandan Smoothie
Brown Rice Amasake*, Medjoul Date, Ginger*, Pandan Leaf   78/83
Allergy: None

Detox Juice
Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Beetroot, Ginger*, Lemon 68/73
Allergy: None

Green Juice
Pineapple, Cucumber, Spinach, Parsley, Kale, Fresh Moringa, Celery, Ginger*, Green Apple 88/93
Allergy: None

Hot Beverages
Café Latte

Cold Brew Arabica, Coconut Milk, Coconut Palm Sugar*  48/ 53

Balinese Coffee
100% Arabica “Kintamani Natural Process” Cold Brew Coffee  38/43

Golden Milk
Fresh Turmeric, Ginger*, Ceylon Cinnamon, Honey, Black Peppercorn*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Coconut Cream, Coconut Palm Sugar* 58/ 63
Allergy: Honey

Masala Chai
Sweet Spices, Assam Red Tea, Coconut Milk, Coconut Palm Sugar* 48 /53
Allergy: None

Available from 7:30-11:30am on Weekdays and 8:30-11:30am on Saturday & Sunday

All our prices are in HKD for in-house or take away order.

20% savings for Cardholders.

* Ingredients are from organic source.

All menu items are free of dairy and eggs, and are prepared with gluten-free ingredients. We can replace Honey in most of our menu items.

Terms & Conditions

·        The order should be picked up at Sakti Elixir counter at the agreed hour with a window of ten minutes.
·        We advise you to consume your order as soon as possible to enjoy it at its best quality.
·        As our environmental sustainability pledge, we use special compostable take-away containers for all dine-out orders.
·        Food allergies or intolerances are to be communicated to the Sakti Elixir service team, in order for menu adjustments to be made if possible.
·        Sakti Elixir reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any disputes.
·        Payment will be collected through HSBC's mobile payment service PayMe. A link will be shared through WhatsApp, which requires the confirmation of your order and payment through PayMe. The order is considered as confirmed once your payment confirmation has been received.