Beauty Spa Wellness at Fivelements Habitat
Hong Kong

We invite you to steep in the sacred atmosphere of this ultimate wellness experience
Face and body care for deeply nourishing beauty. Inspired by traditional Balinese recipes using the properties of natural ingredients combined with soothing massage from our dedicated therapists.

Body Care

All include a pure Sakti Elixir or Tea Offering.
120 MIN — HKD 1,880
Chocolate Love
An exquisite cacao body mask, scrub and massage.

This mood-lifting experience begins with a hydrating almond scrub, followed by a decadent body mask of warm, melted chocolate. The antioxidant and soothing properties of raw cacao and almond will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and deeply nourished. For the final touch, revel in an invigorating cacao butter body massage — pure sensual delight.
120 MIN — HKD 1,980
Treasures from Earth
A detoxifying experience featuring body scrub, mask, steam and full body massage.

Delight in a multi-sensory journey that begins with a detoxifying full body Fivelements Dharma scrub, followed by a green clay mask. Highly absorbent, our gentle healing clay is rich in organic plant matter, silica, potassium, magnesium and other valuable elements, helping to soak up excess oils and impurities from your skin. Its toning action stimulates the skin by bringing about fresh blood to damaged skin cells, replenishing depleted nutrients, restoring the body's natural mineral balance, revitalising your complexion and tightening pores. Feel the power of this purifying body mask while you relax in a private steam session for several minutes, allowing for a deeper penetration and flushing out of unwanted toxins. A glorious full body massage with ultra-moisturising detox oil completes this luxurious ritual ensuring that the skin is nourished from deep within.
120 MIN — HKD 1,880
Divine Rose
Soothing full body massage combined with complete face care and featuring rose aromatherapy.

To begin this ritual, your feet are bathed in a bath of rose petals, evoking joy and calm. Then enjoy a full body massage using Fivelements Prema (love) massage oil with Indian rose extract and precious ylang ylang flower essence for radiant beauty and peaceful mind. Relax deeply as long-gliding Swedish style strokes are interspersed with percussion and rhythmic tranceinducing massage. Continue with a facial cleanse and exfoliation featuring products rich in regenerating damask rose, skin balancing geranium, and nourishing jojoba oil. Indulge in a scalp massage that relaxes you even more, and enjoy a hydrating facial mask to complete this rejuvenating experience.
90 MIN — HKD 1,780
Black Diamond Detox
This remineralising ritual is a combination of body mask, steam and foot massage.

Begin this ritual in our Detox Suit with a private steam session and mineral rich body mask made from carbonised Balinese bamboo. Known as "black diamond powder," its extraordinary microstructure has the ability to absorb toxins and impurities, while releasing dozens of trace minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, for deep skin replenishment. Steep in the wonder of this ancient detoxifying blend and complete the treatment with a relaxing foot massage, enhancing circulatory and lymphatic movement to accelerate the elimination of cellular waste.
90 MIN — HKD 1,780
Heaven Scent Body Care
A combination of Fivelements Body Exfoliation followed by our Heaven Scent Aroma Massage.

Select your favourite scent from our array of Fivelements aromatherapy oils. Referred to as "nature's living energy", aromatic essential oils have been recognised for more than 6,000 years for healing and relaxation. Breathing in their pleasing fragrance brightens mood and brings clarity. Combined with the soothing power of Fivelements Heaven Scent Aroma Massage these oils are absorbed by the body improving vitality and inner harmony. A rejuvenating exfoliation increases blood circulation for healthy and glowing skin.
Face Care
All facials suitable for both men and women.
All include a pure Sakti Elixir or Tea Offering.

Fivelements Facials are based on "super-food for the skin" and capture the life force of petals, leaves, roots, vegetables and fruits of naturally cultivated plants. Combined with the purest extracts and essential oils these facials revive your radiance with the force of nature.
90 MIN — HKD 1,480
Habitat Superfood Facial
A complete facial with cleansing, exfoliation, serum, mask and face massage.

Dedicated to supreme nourishment, this signature facial is the perfect solution to deeply cleanse and re-activate healthy, glowing skin. Experience the benefits of a fresh coconut milk cleanse and Balinese flower wash followed by an oatmeal-cereal scrub. Oats are high in zinc and amino acids, effective in draw out oiliness and impurities. Chilled quartz crystals are then used to cool and re-awaken the skin while fresh aloe vera gel renews the complexion. A rejuvenating spirulina-seaweed mask will then be applied to help eliminate toxins from the skin, tighten the pores and feed your skin with antioxidants and micronutrients. To further nourish your skin, you will receive a relaxing face-décolleté and neck massage to compliment this luxurious skin revitalising journey.
60 MIN — HKD 1,180
Purifying Facial
This rebalancing facial consists of cleansing, exfoliation, facial steaming, extraction, a purifying mask and acupressure face massage.

Water of sweet orange blossoms combined with ylang ylang oil, lavender and tea tree essential oil are ideal ingredients to rebalance the skins natural healing ability, regulate sebum production and calm irritated or inflamed skin. A deep cleansing with exfoliation and facial steam prepares the skin for the removal of skin impurities. A detoxifying mask combined with an aromatherapy pressure point massage complete the facial to reveal a cleansed, refreshed and revitalised complexion.
90 MIN — HKD 1,480
Amazing Grace Facial
Includes cleansing, exfoliation, face massage and two masks for a youthful looking complexion.

This facial is powered by the anti-ageing ingredients Frankincense and Rosehip seed oil. Begin with a cleansing and exfoliation with jojoba beads followed by a relaxing face-décolleté and neck massage with apple seed extract and raspberry seed oil for their cell renewal and antioxidant effects. Two masks are then applied, rose gel and frankincense & millet seed mask — the perfect synergy to stimulate collagen formation and skin repair. While the mask nourishes the skin, a lymphatic massage of the eye contour area improves skin suppleness and elasticity.
60 MIN — HKD 1,180
Ultra Hydrating Facial
Focusing on moisturising the skin, this facial combines a mask with a relaxing face massage.

Avocado, cultivated over thousands of years as a food abundant in nutrients and essential fatty acids, has been used extensively for its ability to heal and soothe the skin. This deeply hydrating facial incorporates a fresh avocado mask combined with the natural probiotic properties of coconut yoghurt to help repair sun damage and promote the growth of healthy skin cells. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, this treatment helps balance your skin's natural pH level. Following the mask, receive a nourishing massage of the face, décolleté and neck with virgin coconut oil. Close the session with a refreshing temple massage with peppermint oil. All combine to ensure your skin is left smooth, vital and healthy looking.
60 MIN — HKD 1,180
Rose Dream Facial
A luxurious facial with massage and face mask, ideal for dry and delicate skin.

Breathe in and enjoy a calming frankincense inhalation, invites you to relax and unwind. Your face will then be gently cleansed and exfoliated with products composed of regenerating damask rose, skin balancing geranium and nourishing jojoba oil. The skin's circulation and lymphatic drainage is stimulated with a traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage, promoting cell renewal and regeneration. Finally a moisturising mask will be applied leaving your skin radiant, dewy and delicately scented. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.
30 MIN — HKD 580
+15 MIN ADD ON — HKD 280
Illuminating Eye Care
The ideal addition to any facial.

Specialised massage techniques to improve micro-circulation and drainage combine with herbal extracts of black tea, cranberry and algae extract to delicately firm and tone the skin around the delicate eye area. Soya and yeast proteins with edelweiss deeply nourish and protect the skin while a scalp massage refreshes circulation and improves blood supply to the eyes. Refresh and brighten your eyes with this revitalising eye treatment.

Prenatal Care

60 MIN — HKD 1,380
Harmony Massage
Massage during pregnancy relieves aches and strain, provides emotional support, and improves health of mother and baby. Suitable for woman in their 2nd & 3rd trimester.

Unwind and be comforted with nurturing touch. As you rest comfortably on your side, supported with plenty of pillows and cushions, back and joint aches are eased away. Return to free and open breathing as you relax and receive gentle Balinese massage. Enhancing circulation, massage relieves pressure and swelling in your hands and feet, and improves heart health and oxygen supply for baby. Pure virgin coconut oil improves your skin's elasticity, leaving it smooth, soft and protected. Invisibly, caring touch works to balance hormones and lift your mood. As you enjoy pleasing touch, be reassured knowing that massage has been shown to improve labour outcomes and the health of newborns. Emerge relaxed, enjoying your beautiful maternal glow.
90 MIN — HKD 1,680
Over the Rainbow Body Care
Prenatal top-to-toe treatment, combining a decadent massage with a refreshing facial.

Treat yourself to an aromatic foot bath and deeply soothing calf massage. Continue with the Harmony Prenatal full body massage using long sweeping effleurages to aid lymphatic drainage and relieve water retention. Warm cacao butter is used, promoting skin elasticity for the mother-to-be and creating a warming cocoon for the baby. A coconut cream facial cleanse, a gentle oatmeal-cereal exfoliation and face-décolleté and neck massage will complete this relaxing journey. Treasure this newfound feeling of ease and radiant beauty.
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