Energy & Intuitive Healing at
Fivelements Habitat
Hong Kong

Sessions help to remove energetic, physical, mental, and emotional blocks and restore the flow of life force energy for radiant health and well-being
Answers and healing come from within. Awaken clarity, relaxation, and healing with skilled guidance and subtle energy treatments of our specialists.
60 MIN — HKD 2,500
Emotional Detox — Energy Clearing with Kat Mayers
Energy clearing to release negative emotions and beliefs and return to peace and wholeness.

According to traditions of energy medicine, a subtle energetic field pervades and surrounds our physical body. Here flows the vital life current responsible for our health and well-being. However, our experiences can sometimes disturb this energy field, as it stores the residue of our traumas, toxic thoughts, feelings and beliefs. From the point of view of energy medicine, most symptoms of illness originate as such disturbances in the energy field. Kat opens the session with a safe space to share about your situation and why you've come. When you're ready, you'll lie down fully clothed and relax as Kat cradles your head and rests her fingers on specific energy points. As Kat channels energy, enter a theta brain wave state, a trance-like state of healing and meditation. As Kat continues to work invisibly on the energy body, she cleans out stagnant emotions and thoughts from your field which have been hindering your spiritual growth and health. Emerge from the experience feeling clear, light and positive.

Commonly reported benefits include:
• Better sleep
• Alleviated pain
• Release of trauma
• Reduced negativity and reactivity
• State of calm and emotional balance
• Feeling of confidence & self-assuredness
• Release old stagnant emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety
• Greater alignment with higher potential to achieve greater abundance and health

About Kat Mayers
Kat's alternative healing journey began more than 2 decades ago when she faced challenges that western medicine could not address. Since then, she has studied different methods of energy healing and has shared her gifts with hundreds of clients and fellow healers. Kat is passionate about helping people to harness their light and live in their joy. Over the years, Kat has developed her own energy healing methods. She is also certified for Yuen Method, Access Consciousness Bars and Body, Akashic Records Soul Realignment, Chakra Healing, Source Distant Healing Light Code Healing, and Soul Blueprint Editing.
75 MIN — HKD 1,975
Somatic Therapy with Anne Cousin
Enhancing the nervous system's ability to regulate and restore itself, Somatic Experiencing allows a person to regain a normal level of functioning after periods of excessive stress or trauma. Tapping into the body's wisdom, Anne gently and safely guides individuals into heightened awareness of physical sensations and emotions. A space of safety and comfort combined with deep listening allows the integration of experience and resolution. In this newfound wholeness, sense more clearly and move with greater ease and confidence.

About Anne Cousin
Anne has studied multiple body-based disciplines since 2004 and has practiced in Hong Kong since 2010. As a European Shiatsu Practitioner, registered Somatic Movement Educator, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Tension Release Exercise® Facilitator, she is an expert in the Mind-Body connection. She is passionate about helping individuals feel at home in their body; moving from chronic stresses and discomforts to feeling Body-full: present and energetic.
60 MIN — HKD 2,300
Ayurvedic Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing with Vinod Sharma
This healing and chakra balancing session ensures consistent and sufficient energy flow towards all chakras, thus strengthening one's chakras and aura. Chakra Balancing can help with disease conditions as well as boosting confidence, clarity, mood, and overall energy levels. Starting from the heels, Vinod sends energy to the two lower chakras by placing the hands on the sides of the heels and while chanting mantras in meditation. He then connects to each chakra, charging and activating the energy centres in succession: solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

About Vinod Sharma
Vinod Sharma was born in India, into a Brahmin family, and comes from a lineage of priests and healers. He is well versed in the ancient medical science of Ayurveda (particularly in the traditional art of Pulse Reading), Ayurvedic Panchakarma (rejuvenative therapies), Chakra Healing, Yoga, Homeopathic/Biochemic Remedies & Reflexology. As a Reiki Grandmaster, he has an exceptional understanding of the human energy field. Vinod has traveled widely, conducting seminars and Ayurvedic consultations worldwide. Using his wealth of experience in Ayurveda and Yoga, combined with his highly intuitive abilities, Vinod has obtained dramatic results with respiratory, digestive, and reproductive issues (infertility, PMS, cysts, etc.), neurological problems (sleeping disorders, panic attacks, depression, etc.), skin diseases, obesity, joint/back pain, migraine and more. His clients are from all walks of life, ranging from newborns to those over 80. His passion is to help everyone achieve vibrant health!
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